For The Things That Get Us Through The Years

We all have to find ways to make our lives enjoyable.

I’m a junior in high school. Freshman and sophmore year were pretty much a blur. I mean honestly, I don’t even remember half the classes I had during those years. All I remember is taking my first AP exam and leaving school early May 23 because that was the last day of the school year. And that’s it. I’d be lucky to remember the names of my teachers let alone what I did during those two years of my life. Oh, and of course I think about cheerleading. Cheerleading is my saving grace. I honestly don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have cheer. Honestly.

I think I just burned the rice… that’s possible right?? *nervous glance*

But I know one thing for sure, I haven’t spent much time enjoying myself during my high school years. They don’t lie when they say the years go by fast. Three years feel like two months. Four years maybe feels like three. There’s not much time in between teachers, homework, tests, and other students to really enjoy your high school years. They are the four most, I wouldn’t say important, but memorable years of your life. You find out who you are in high school or at least who you want to be. I would say that during these years, we also find what we enjoy.

Things that make us forget about all the assignments; all the tests; all the drama; all the class work that teachers don’t even collect; and the the terrible cafeteria food that makes you just wonder “why?”

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Things like hot fudge on an ice cream sundae or the sound of Paramore playing in the background. Whatever floats your boat. Maybe through embracing these things, we all can find ways to enjoy the high school “experience” and not just dream about the final day of senior year.



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