Deadly Waters


When the team heard the dam explode, they knew they had limited time to make it to safety.

They turned to see the water racing towards them. Fear overtook them all.


The team grabbed their paddles and began paddling vehemently against the rushing current. The sounds of their breathing seemed to be louder than the sound of the rushing water.

“Mama! We won’t make it!”

From above she could see a vine hanging from tree growing on the ledge.

“We’ll be fine baby. Do you trust mama?”


“Then raise your arms high and hold on.”

With a quick boost, she launched her son in the direction of the vine. He held onto the thick vegetation between his fingers.

Below he saw his mama smiling peacefully and mouth, “I love you,” before the water took her over.

“Mama!” He cried, but he knew his mom would never respond to his cries ever again.

142 Words~


20 thoughts on “Deadly Waters

  1. Joiya – A wonderful and sad story and one well written! I am happy that you found this writing challenge, and I thank you for participating! I hope that you return next week…. ^..^


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