Family Outing: Hae Woon Dae Restaurant

Guys, I am like a culture junkie. I love learning about new and old cultures from old African tribes to modern day Asian practices. I think about how cool it would be to travel and just admire each culture and try different foods from all around. I don’t picture myself eating any squid but I would definitely try the next, not so tentacle-y thing on the menu. Different cultures really intrigue me and the closest I can get to a culture, from where I am now, is through food…


Yesterday, after my endless begging, my stepfather agreed to go get Korean Barbecue with me. I’d REALLY been craving some since like a week ago and I felt like I was going to die if I didn’t get my kimchi fix. We searched for a while to find a restaurant near us but, alas, our searching ended in vain and we ended up driving 30+ minutes from our house just so I could get my Korean BBQ fill, and, even though she really and I mean really didn’t want to go, my mom agreed to go with us.

Now, my parents have never had Korean BBQ before and my mom was especially nervous to try the food because she wasn’t a big fan of kimchi and didn’t know what to expect. I kept telling them that they would grill meat in front of us and we would get this nice spread of kimchi and lettuce to make lettuce wraps. I was beyond excited. My stepdad, who has been driven out of his comfort zone once before by my adventurous taste buds, was a bit more willing to try the food than my mother.

Samkyupsal cooking on the grill
Samkyupsal cooking on the grill

This was my second time eating Korean BBQ and I have to say that this experience out shined the last. There was a tiny grill in the middle of the table as expected and a nice spread of kimchi. My stepdad and I decided to order something from the BBQ menu while my mom ordered a small thing of fried dumplings (of which I got none -_- )He ordered pork smothered in a spicy Korean sauce mix and I ordered samkyupsal (pork belly). AND to my surprise, they had dduckpokki!!!! For those who don’t know, dduckpokki is, or are rather, noddles that sit in a bowl of spicy sauce.

Spicy pork and kimchi spread
Spicy pork and kimchi spread
Delicious mouth watering dduckpokki
Delicious mouth watering dduckpokki

My mouth is watering before I can even describe this to you guys but, guys, it was probably one of the BEST things I’ve ever had. The noddles were so soft and chewy and, because I like spicy things, I thought the sauce was out of this world! It wasn’t too too spicy but it had a nice ZAP to it (I guess that would be the best way to describe it…I’m no food critique…I just love to eat). I could’ve dipped my face in that bowl. Not even joking. I’d heard about dduckpokki before and really wanted to try it, so when I saw it on the menu I wasn’t going to miss my chance. I was DEFINITELY not disappointed. My first encounter with dduckpokki was everything I expected and more.

My stepdad and I were pretty much devouring everything on that table and he even admitted to liking the kimchi that my mom wouldn’t eat. I must say, I’m happy I found myself a Korean BBQ buddy.

Because I’m me and helplessly clumsy, I spilled some of the sauce from the meat–which was cooked perfectly might I add– on myself. The lady serving us decided to give me a lesson on how to eat lettuce wraps. At first I thought you had to shove the whole thing of lettuce into your mouth but she showed me that’s it’s actually better to get smaller pieces of the lettuce, put all your ingredients on there, and then make the wrap. I felt like I had gotten the Korean seal of approval.

But yeah, it was a great experience. I will definitely be returning with my Korean BBQ buddy, and my mom (if she wants).

And by the way, the kimchi was everything I’d hoped it be 🙂


family outing 1
Hae Woon Dae Korean BBQ

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