For Growing A Little Bit Older



Seventeen has come and gone and you’ve made it to another year (Thank God). You’re an ADULT! Life has opened up to you. I mean, you can do things without getting your parents’ permission …

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…although you should definitely make sure you’re parents are okay with the things that you do because at 18 they can kick you out of the house and unless you have a backup plan…you’re going to want to stay on the parentals’ good side…

But the dynamic of the world has changed. Another adult has been added to the universe.

You’re welcome.

Turning 18 is a stepping stone that I honestly was never prepared for. The idea of being an adult and having to start making decisions for myself, ugh NO PLEASE! But it’s here nonetheless and I’ve enjoyed the various ‘happy birthdays’ I received over the course of the day. One thing I noticed was the change in the ‘happy birthday’ personal. Now, this can be the result of one of three things:

  1. My social circle has gotten larger
  2. My social circle has gotten smaller
  3. Numbers 1 and 2

Considering the options, I’m pretty sure the answer is #3–as I meet more people, I also lose some friendship/acquaintances.

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Now I’m not saying that the friends/acquaintances I lost were the result of some people ‘ditching me’ or ‘fake friends’ (although I can’t pretend that there wasn’t some ditching in there) what I am saying is that sometimes friendships/acquaintances just don’t last.

There’s no hard feelings in that statement. It’s simply that there’s a season and a time for every friendship, and most of the friends that we meet really turn out to be only acquaintances. I can admit to being nothing more than an acquaintance to some people and a friend to others. Even now, I think about the acquaintances I’ve met and the friends that I’ve maintained throughout the years.  Some will be missed and others will serve as good memories.

The people we meet as we get older all have a purpose in our lives. Some make us stronger and others make us better. But, we also can’t pretend that all the responsibility belongs to the other half. I for one know that I can be terrible when it comes to keeping in contact with people. That’s something I need to work on because the people I’ve meet this year are some of the most honest friends I can admit to having.

So, I’m 18. As an adult the things I need to learn only increase and the stress continues to grow BUT I can’t wait to experience being 18 to the fullest. Thank you God for another year and I pray for another one. 🙂




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