The Graduation Chronicles

We all know graduation is a VERY big deal. Heck, they even started making a graduation ceremony for kindergartners! Needless to say, this is a very important tradition and life transition/stage.

With my graduation being slightly later than other school’s,  I’ve gotten the chance to see all my old classmates with their decorated caps and gowns, the endless photos and happy faces, and it got me to thinking about being happy for other people.

While I’m looking at their photos thinking, “Man I can’t wait until my graduation,” I’m also realizing that I can’t even be happy for others without thinking of myself. I wanted to smile and be proud of them, but I couldn’t keep those selfish thoughts from surfacing, and that made me feel a little guilty. That alone got me to asking myself some honest questions:

  • How often am I truly happy for someone else? Just honestly and sincerely happy for someone else without thinking of myself.
  • Why do I always compare myself to someone else? My classmates and I were all experiencing the same success: graduation. But for some reason, seeing their graduation photos and such made me feel a little…less of myself. 

These questions are very much rhetorical, so there is really no direct answer. It’s more of a set of reflection questions that pop into my head whenever I start comparing someone else’s success to my own, or start focusing on myself rather than the other person’s happiness and prosperity.

It helps to remind myself that, a) different lives move at different paces–while one person is seeing success unfold in their life by 20, I may not experience my own success until 25–and b) allow yourself to be honestly and truly happy for someone else when it’s their time to shine. 

Don’t be afraid to ask yourselves these questions too. Just remember that you can’t compare your life to someone else’s. Their life is theirs to live and your life is yours.

Cups Up! and Congrats to all the Graduates!


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