The Graduation Chronicles Vol. 2

Graduation was upon us!…and I forgot to post on graduation day so here’s my post-graduation graduation post. Keep up with me people. It gets less confusing as we go on.

A day after graduation and it still hasn’t hit me that I am no longer a high school student, or that a couple of months from now I’m going to be walking onto a college campus as a college freshman. Like whoa, time, slow down.

slow down time
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Now that high school is over, I’m forced to do the customary “awww, I’ll miss blah blah blah about high school and I’ll miss Jimmy Nobody” and while I do have a couple of Jimmy Nobodies I’m going to miss, I don’t have very many blah blah blah memories to talk about. Nonetheless, I am going to create a list of things I learned in high school. This is my way of reminiscing on the quickest four years of my life.

high school senior meme
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Here’s to high school.

1.It’s JUST high school

Don’t take your four years here too seriously. I mean, we have our accomplishments and a couple of rumors that follow us, but high school is a mere speed bump in the grand scheme of things. There will be relationships we make and break throughout the years, but what happens in high school DOES NOT define who you are nor who you will be, which brings me to my second point… 

2. You’re not meant to figure out who you are or who you’re meant to be in high school.

You’re 14/15 years old when you enter high school and 18/19 when you leave. What person in the age group knows who they are when they enter or leave? Answer: no one. Sure, we have an idea of who we are,  but it’s only an idea. You exit high school thinking you’re a logical and straight forward person only to get to college and realize that you tend to take the ‘impossible’ route rather than the logical one. But that’s what high school is for– it’s the first stage in your life when you start to grow up and grow into who you are, not completely discover that person before you leave. 

3. It’s not about the quantity; it’s about the quality.

I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but it’s true. In high school, you will come into contact with so many people who you will call your friends, but not everyone is meant to be a friend. I know people who have built great relationships in high school that will last throughout the years and some who have relationships that were only meant to last those four years. What’s important to understand is that you shouldn’t be chasing numbers in high school; chase real connections that you can carry with you when the years end.

I hope you guys found some of these lessons valuable! Thanks for reading!



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