For an Update on Life

Life Update: College….enough said.

But, in the spirit of self-reflection and stuff here are a few things to remember when going through life changes (things that I will carry with me during this change in my life).


YOU ARE SO MUCH STRONGER THAN YOU BELIEVE. You, my friend, are a KING/QUEEN, born into this world with a divine purpose that NOTHING can take away from you. You are a unique individual with the power to overcome anything! Know that death is not the end, and it should not be feared for in this life, you are fulfilling your purpose and your life will not be lived in vain. Death is not the end! Believe that your spirit will live on in the hearts of loved ones and in the memories that you leave behind.

There is a gospel song by Kirk Franklin that says, “I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” That song has been stuck in my head for HOURS. I feel the most reassuring and heartwarming bout of “I am AWESOME!” and there is no way in God’s green earth that I can go without sharing this with someone. So, here it is: we were created in God’s imagine. As sinful as we are and as messed up as some people can be, we were created with so much love and joy that we were given dominion over the fish of the sea and the birds of the sky. We are some pretty AWESOME creations! But there are things that will try to bring us down. There is a creature so hateful that he will do everything he can to distract us from God’s purpose. He will make us believe that God does not love us; make us believe that we are not wonderful and perfect as we are; fill our hearts with hate and everything God did not intend for us. Satan will try to drag us  down in life and sometimes….oh glory!…sometimes we just want to let him win. BUT WE CAN’T! We are stronger than every storm that comes our way, and we were given the power to combat our enemies and put our storms to rest! We should not fear the world, the world should fear us! *That didn’t really make sense* Life is hard and it will drag us down and sometimes we want to just throw in the towel but we are SO much stronger than the pains we face, the heartache and suffering. We have someone in our corner that is lifting us up with every step we take. To look to Him is to find your way out of the storm.

In the midst of my storm, I am coming to understand that I’m not done yet.

God’s not done with me yet.

As my greatest enemy, there are a lot of things that I allowed myself to believe; a lot of things that left me with scars that run so deep. But I am not finished! Whatever plan God has for me: whether it’s to live today and not wake up tomorrow or whether it’s to live another 20-50 years, I will leave this post behind me praying that it left a message for the right person.

You ARE stronger! You ARE beautiful! You ARE a KING/QUEEN! You ARE NOT finished yet!


Cups Up!


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