For College Year One

With freshman year of college out of the way, it’s only natural to reflect on some of those very memorable college experiences. And what better way to do that then by comparing college expectations versus reality.

Number One: The Party Scene






Expectation: People are drinking…people are drunk. There may or may not be smoking. There is a lot of hooking up going on and flirting. People are dancing, music is blaring, and it’s an all around good time.

Reality: People are drinking and practically everyone, I mean practically everyone, is drunk. As soon as you walk into the room, you can tell half of the room has been smoking. It’s hot and loud and very few people are dancing. If they are dancing, it is either twerking or overly excited fist pumping. If people were hooking up…I didn’t see it.

Number Two: Classes

Expectation: You will have sooo much freedom when picking out your classes. You’ll basically have the most freedom you’ve ever had in your entire life. Chose afternoon classes that way you can sleep in as much as you want to, but don’t get out any later than 5 o’clock. Once you finish classes, you have time to go the gym or whatever you want to do because your day is free and you don’t have to wake up again for classes until 11.

Reality: You’re a freshman so you basically get the left over’s of all the classes, meaning that the schedule you have planned for yourself may or may not change and you may or may not get the classes at the times you want. It’s harder than you think to get a schedule with either one or two days off a week. Those people that do are a lucky few. You end up skipping more class than you go to. Attendance is negotiable in certain classes, and in others…you better not be late. You stay up late so you end up getting like 6 hours of sleep instead of 8-9 for a class that starts at 11. And that lack of sleep, is reason enough to skip class in order to sleep. Oh! and after the second week, half of the class will not show up until test/quiz dates.

Number Three: School Work

Expectation: There is so much homework. So much so that you feel like you have no time for anything but homework. You stay up late studying and doing homework and you have little time for a social life. Bottom line, school work is stressful.

Reality: Everyone does their homework. Remember how in high school people barely did their homework? Now, you ask people to catch a game with you and all of a sudden it’s, “I can’t. I have a math assignment due on Friday.” What? You have a lot less homework than you thought. There are no filler assignments and everything is spaced out pretty well, but you may have 4 different assignments due in 4 different classes on one day. But here’s one thing that never changes: everyone procrastinates.

Number Four: Social Life

Expectation: You meet a great group of people. You develop your own circle of friends. You guys always make time to hang out. You go to parties together. Meeting new people is easy and your social life is in full swing.

Reality: You meet a great group of people, awesome variety. Even though you meet this great group of people, you guys don’t make a real connection and are more cordial than ‘actual friends.’ Your social life gets sucked up by homework, ‘studying’, and you have to decide if you want to work out, eat, or sleep and forget about the assignment you have due tomorrow. All in all, you’re still trying to figure out if you had an actual social life or if you just made one really good friend.

Number Five: Relationships







Expectation: College is the time to flirt and do…other things. You date, you kiss, you flirt, and you meet as many people as possible. Somewhere in that bundle of people, you meet ‘the one’ (or at least a temporary ‘the one’), and your relationship kicks off.

Reality: College is the time to realize how incredibly single you are. You don’t date, you don’t kiss, you don’t flirt, and you don’t meet as many people as possible. No one approaches you with the prospect of dating but your friends have dates out the wazoo, and romance has eluded you yet again.

But hey, it’s only your first year. You’ve got 3 more to go. Let’s see if this list changes during that time.




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