For The Things That Say “Summer”

It happens every summer. I don’t know how, I don’t know why, but I’ve sorta developed this “summer routine.” It just happens every time summer comes around, and I find myself doing these religiously. For you it may be different, but these are the things that say “summer” to me.


Because I have more time during the summer, this time of year is usually my ‘work out season’. I tend to dedicate more time to developing a work out plan or regime that I try to keep up with all summer. Sometimes I fail, other times I don’t. What really matters is that as soon as it’s bye-bye summer, it’s also bye-bye fitness. We can’t win them all right?


Every summer, I find myself searching the wonderful world that is YouTube for new vlogs, channels, etc. Reason? I might just be projecting myself onto the people I watch via YouTube. Example? I watch a lot of summer vlogs over the summer, and each time I imagine that I too am taking a trip to the beach, spending time with friends, being successful, blah blah blah. Call me lonely, crazy, whatever, but I know I’m not the only one. For me, it’s YouTube. For you, it’s that show you watched 100 times over.


Just like the whole exercise thing, I find I have more time over the summer to do some good ol’ self-exploration. For me, that mostly includes jotting down goals for my future, or examining my life and asking myself, “what is it that I want?” I have the time and space to get all my ducks in a row and check off personal goals one by one. Everyone’s time of self-exploration will happen at different times. A critical life event may cause you to question what is it you really want out of your life, or it may be something less dramatic. Either way, we all have those moments, and we all need things to keep us motivated during this time. If you are one of those people, you might try:

  • Make a list of long term goals

Having a visual list of goals may help them seem more tangible and give you the push you need to finally start working towards the things you want. Just be sure to make your goals realistic. Another good tip is to give yourself a time limit. For example, if you say, “I want to get fit”, it’s good to give yourself a time frame by which you want to ‘get fit’. This will push you to work diligently towards your goal rather than just dilly-dallying.

  • Set short term goals along the way

Something I’ve learned to do in order to achieve my long-term goals is add little ‘pit-stops’ (or short-term goals) along the way. One example is applying for scholarships. I set myself a daily goal of applying to 2-3 scholarships a day. That way, I feel like I’ve accomplished something during the day, and I’m working towards my greater goal of paying for school. The feeling of accomplishment that you get from completing these short-term goals along the way also promotes positivity and optimism along the way.

  • Get yourself into a routine

One thing that I found works really well is setting a routine. For example, I routinely dedicate time everyday towards my long-term goals. By doing this, it’s almost become second nature to work towards my goals everyday without fail. You may find success in doing this too!



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