For The Reality of Having a Crush

When you’re crushing hard on somebody, it kinda goes without saying that you would like to know how they feel about you, and you would do just about anything to get their attention. Television and novels have done us a great disservice as consumers because they give us this image that crushing ultimately turns into a relationship, but that isn’t always true. For those of you saying “Well, my crush and I ended up becoming a couple, so it’s not complete bs,” I offer you a very bitter congratulations and ask that you refrain from rubbing salt on the wounds of the rest of us.

When it comes to crushing though, there are situations we’ve either imagined or encountered throughout the crush.

I Want to Hear from You! Comment below if you can relate any situation on this list, some of your expectations versus reality of a crush, and any stories of a crush turned relationship! 

Locking eyes with your crush. 

Expectation: The moment you lock eyes, neither one of you can break away and it feels like endless sparks ignite between the two of you. Both of you exchange very obvious flirtatious looks until one of you takes the first step towards the other. 

Reality: You lock eyes and to you, it’s one of the most magical experiences in your life, but they turn away before you can really savor the moment so you end up staring at the side of their face like the stalker this crush has turned you in to. 


Coincidentally meeting up with your crush.

Expectation: Somehow you end up at the same place at the same time as your crush. You mentally both blame and thank coincidence, and possibly even fate. Both of you get to talking. Next thing you know, you’re sitting together chatting it up like the best of friends. Of course, you don’t miss the chance to flirt with them when the opportunity presents itself. 

Reality: Nothing is coincidence when it comes to your crush. You have made it your business to know where they are and what they are doing during the day. You’ve even enlisted the help of your friends to get that person’s schedule down pat. You show up at the same place as your crush at a ‘coincidental’ time, only to stare at them or laugh obnoxiously to try and get their attention. But they leave without even stealing a glance in your direction. 

Crushing with a wingman.

Expectation: You share with a friend that you are crushing hard on this certain person. Being the good friend that they are, they do everything in their power to get that person to turn their attention to you, even if that means very obviously saying that their friend (you) is keenly interested in whatever that person does or is talking about. Despite the embarrassment, your friend has succeeded in putting you on your crush’s radar. 

Reality: You enlist your friend to act as your wingman. They say good things about you when your crush is around and talk you up like the good friend they are. One day, your crush approaches you and you think all that hard work has finally paid off, but all they want is for you to play wingman so they can get with your friend. At that moment you realize, you weren’t even an afterthought. 


Getting your crush to notice you.

Expectation: You’ve spend days, and I mean days, thinking about how you will finally get your crush to notice you. You go through the most cliche scenarios in your head, even look through several GOOGLE articles to figure out just how in the world you are supposed to get your crush to notice you. You finally settle on the least cliche, least obvious tactic and put it into motion. D-Day arrives, and everything goes according to plan. You’ve put yourself on your crushes radar and have succeeded in getting their attention. 

Reality: After days of plotting, D-Day finally arrives. You are in position, ready to make your move. Before you even get the chance to put things into motion, you chicken out, blaming it on factors like, ‘your crush not being in the correct position’; or, the plan is in full effect, you make your move, but your crush is so oblivious that you just end up making a fool of yourself and they continue on as if nothing ever happened. 

Telling your crush that they are your crush.

Expectation: You brush away your insecurities, boost yourself up and flat out say, “Hey! I like you.” Your crush, shocked at first, acknowledges your feelings, and admits that they too have feelings for you. Your efforts are rewarded by a first date and the rest is history. 

Reality: You practically piss your pants thinking about speaking to that person, but you come to the conclusion that is ‘now or never’ so you lay it all out on the line. The optimistic side of you says, “They’ll like you too,” but reality has different plans. In reality, your crush either has no knowledge of who you are and shows no signs of feeling anything close to what you feel for them, or they bust out the infamous,”I think we should just be friends.” Can’t decide which one is worse. 


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The Reality of Having a Crush


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