For a Rainy Father’s Day

First and foremost, Happy Father’s Day to all the fathers out there. Sorry your holiday isn’t usually as celebrated and advertised like Mother’s Day but know that we adore you none the less.

There are several great ways to celebrate Father’s Day! On a rainy day like today, I can only imagine that a few cookout plans have been postponed but, there are still ways to make those special men in our lives feel appreciated.

I Want to Hear from You! Comment below some of the ideas you had for Father’s Day (DIY, store brought, etc) and some of the most memorable Father’s Day gifts over the years!

Handmade Gifts You can never go wrong with a gift from the heart. I’m starting to learn that no matter how old I get, my parents still appreciate little homemade cards here and there. When I was younger, I used to sticker my handmade cards to my father’s dresser the night before Father’s Day. This Father’s Day, I put my new hobby to use and made my stepfather a sign for him to hang wherever he pleases. There’s no way to lose with homemade gifts.



Shower him with tiny gifts Another thing that is a sure fire winner is tiny, under $20 gifts. One father’s day, my mother and I compiled a basket of things that my stepfather enjoys (namely Star Wars paraphernalia) to surprise him with his very own Father’s Day basket. I would even recommend taking this tactic further than Father’s Day. Goody bags are always good crowd pleasers.

Blow it all on one gift Instead of biting your nails trying to figure out what in the world to get that will please the man, just go for one big grand gift. These things are rather successful. Don’t believe me? There’s still a grill sitting outside of my house from Father’s Day nearly two years ago. And that one gift was enough to keep the smile on his face even today.


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Rainy Father's Day


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