Calligraphy Collab | Ft. Maracas and Macarons

Wait a second…it’s not Thursday…

Hello and Welcome! Today is a very special blog post because it is my first ever blogging collab! Thanks so much to Foluwa over at Maracas and Macarons for doing this collab with me! If you guys don’t already know, Foluwa is a beauty/fashion/lifestyle blogger. She posts great content and her posts are always fun to read! If you haven’t already, check her out at her blog!

For this collab, Fo and I both had to:

  1. Pick a theme for our calligraphy pieces. Our theme was GirlBoss.
  2. Chose a quote for the other to do. This is the quote that Fo picked out for me. Cute, right?IMG_4683
  3. And create our pieces! We created watercolor backgrounds and used sharpie marker to write out our quotes.

So without further ado, here is my piece!


This was my first time using watercolors to create a background, so blending was a little challenging. No lie, it took me three times to finally get a blend that I liked. But once I did, I could move on to writing the actual quote. Because I just started practicing calligraphy, my writing is still a little shaky, but you know what they say: Practice Makes Perfect (or at least decent).

For the background, I blended two colors from my watercolor paint set (photographed on the right) which I got from Hobby Lobby for $9.99. There are four colors photographed on the left, but I only blended together the ultra blue and violet paints. The other two colors–sap green and burnt umber– were going to be used to create a wreath around the quote, but I decided against that.

I practiced the quote probably 30 times before I finally committed to actually writing it. I wanted it to look good for you guys, so I made sure that I was pleased with the words before writing them, and it didn’t turn out that bad!

After writing it down, I decided to make the quote stand out a little bit more by adding glitter. Overall, I’d say that it turned out pretty well–not perfect, but pretty well. I even had a mini photoshoot for the finished product.


This was a very fun collab to do! Be sure to go and check out Fo’s piece if you haven’t already. If any of you are interested in doing this collab (which I would totally recommend!) be sure to tag both Fo and myself in the post so we can check out your pieces as well!

Thanks again for stopping by! I’ll see you guys next Thursday!



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