Monthly Quotes | July 2017

Hello and Welcome!

Summer break really seems to have come and gone, and it’s been a summer to remember for this blog. In the past two months, I have introduced various new segments onto my blog: Playlist Top Four, Monthly Favorites, and Pinspiration Tuesday. Each segment is rather new, but I hope that in time they will each become popular on the blog!

In the spirit of spicing things up, I’ve decided to add yet another, yes another, segment to Plenteaful. This segment will be called: Monthly Quotes. 

At the beginning of each week, I post a different quote on the blog. If you have seen them, then great! I hope they were inspiring and uplifting. If not, well I’ve decided to share with you guys, in one blog post, all the Quotes of the Week for July.

I tried to keep up with a theme for the quotes of July. This month, I settled on some self-empowerment quotes. I hope that you guys like and can find some inspiration in these quotes!

Week of July 2nd

Life is full of adventures! And what better adventures are there to take than following your dreams? Quote from Oprah Winfrey

July quote 1

Week of July 9th

Feel some doubt settling in? Forget about it! You are a diamond. It’s time you realize it. Quote from Simon Black

july quote 2

Week of July 16th

People are going to say whatever they please about you. Hold your head up high and NEVER give them the power to tear you down! Quote from Eleanor Roosevelt

july quote 3

Week of July 23rd

You are capable of great things! It’s all inside of you. Quote from The Wizard of OZ

july quote 4

This week’s quote of the week

You give you life meaning. Don’t rely on anyone else. Quote from Rachel Wolchin

july quote 5

If I had to chose a favorite quote for this month, it would be the fourth quote from the Wizard of Oz. To me, this quote really embodies the idea of self-empowerment and speaks to realizing the power that we all hold within ourselves.

That’s all I have for today! What’s your favorite quote for the month of July? Do you have any personal self-empowering quotes that really encourage you? Talk it out in the comments below!

Thanks for reading! I’ll see you guys on Thursday!


Monthly quotes july 2017

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