Life Update: College Move In Day

Hello and Welcome!

Another weekend has come and gone and I have officially moved into my college dorm. Move in day for me was on Sunday, a week before most students move in. Because I am working on campus this semester, I got the chance to move in a week earlier. The move-in process was pretty quick and easy, especially because only a select few of students were moving in (sororities, students training for on campus jobs, etc.)

I got the key for my dorm around 12 or 1 (I don’t really remember what time we got on campus) then went straight to my dorm to drop my things off. My dorm is a townhouse-style living space with two floors. I am staying on the top floor with one of my roommates while the other two are downstairs. There is a full kitchen, two baths, and a washer and dryer in the room.

It’s a crazy spacious dorm! I’m so happy to be here, especially because I didn’t have as much space last year as I do now.

I was most excited about decorating my room. My color scheme for my room is grey and purple and I got a lot of cool things to decorate it with. I got this full sized grey comforter for my bed. This set was no more than $40 and I got it from Ross. It came with all the usual bed things (fitted sheets, top sheet, comforter, pillow cases, etc). But, one unexpected thing about this set was that it came with a bed skirt, which is not what you find in your usual bedding set. And of course my bed set up wasn’t complete without my two stuffed friends!

I did a lot of my decor by hand including the wall decorations (pictured below) and throw pillows (pictured above).

My mom was kind enough to build a shelf for my room, and both of my parents got this awesome grey chair for me (which you can read more about in my For Combating Back to School Anxiety post).

There is enough space in my room to have my own designated study area, which is probably my favorite spot in my room (next to my chair). I think the fact that the study area is set up right next to the window makes me love it even more. The area is so comfortable and it feels like my own little haven (that is until school work starts back up).

And last but not least is the bathroom area. In my room, there is a full sink with all my towels and skin care/bath items on it. I also hung a jewelry organizer in the sink area.

All in all, I’m super satisfied with my room! I think it’s a great space to call my own and retreat to if I ever feel the need to just get away.

Well, that’s all I have for you guys today. I hope your week kicked off to a great start. If you’re in the need of a little pick me up, check out the quote of the week on my site!

Thanks for reading! I’ll see you guys on Thursday!



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